About The Program

A fulfilling career is an excellent foundation for a happy and productive life. Business has a role to play in fostering the next generation of a cohesive and engaged society. Our mission is to create opportunities for students and teachers to increase their awareness of the business world. In this way, we increase the chances of students identifying and achieving their goals in life.

Business in Schools is a Not for Profit organisation that connects students to the world of possibilities and potential after school.

Here at Business in Schools, we know that the development of our youth is not limited to the education provided by schools and teachers. Therefore, we believe that our community as a whole must take responsibility for the development of our youth, with businesses making up a large part of this. Because of this, we believe that businesses across South Australia should utilise their unique position. Businesses should be working with schools and teachers to prepare today’s youth for the challenges of tomorrow.

By using our connections within industry and schools, we are able to offer programs designed to improve student success. We do this through our Making Her Mark Program  (note Speakers in Schools in currently under review).

Our Programs

These programs are helping to build links between businesses, students, teachers and also the broader school community. Importantly, our programs are focused on increasing student knowledge and awareness of the career pathways available to them. This exposure also assists businesses to close the skills gap and benefits the South Australian economy. As a whole, Business in Schools helps strengthen the relationship between students and industries and therefore, better prepare students for the transition into work life after school.

Over the years working with various schools we have helped at a number of different events! This includes the Women in Leadership Student Conference, the Science and Innovation Expo, Careers Week, Living Libraries and Australia Business Week, just to name a few.

How can Business in Schools help you?

  • Invest in our youth
  • Inspire career pathways
  • Influence industry profiles
  • Strengthen industry-education partnerships
  • Expose youth to business situations
  • Facilitate authentic learning
  • Link school work to real life

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